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Privacy Policy
Rooftop 69 is a members only club. The cost of the membership is $45/mo and it entitles members to the following: 

- Unlimited attendance of Rooftop 69 sunset parties 
- Unlimited attendance of Rooftop 69 movie showings 
- Attendance of third-party events with a discount* 
- Attendance of Rooftop 69 special events with a $25 dollar ticket discount 
- Priority in attending fully booked events 
- Priority in booking events 
- Other perks and specials

*Each event discount size and availability will be determined by the organizers together with Rooftop 69. We will do everything we can to get our members in at the lowest price possible.

To become a member, please push the button: 
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If you don't have or would not like to disclose your social media, please feel free to provide a name of a referring person, who can confirm your identity
Privacy Policy
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Rooftop 69 is a social club located on a rooftop of a century old industrial building in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. We provide our members and guests with opportunities for socializing and entertainment – from the best American and European movies to the hottest parties in town with local and invited DJ’d playing. Our pièce de resistance however is an amazing view of DTLA skyline with the sun setting behind it, painting the skies above with the endless California end of the day color pallet, and then skyscraper lights cutting the darkness while the party is banging.

We work with other party spaces next door, and various promo groups to bring the brightest pre-party and after-party experiences in LA to our members. At the same time, we care about the vibe our place has, the community built around it. Therefore, we are selective and not everyone can get through our door. We reserve the right not only to refuse service, but to discontinue membership of anyone we see not sharing our values fitting our vibe, not following the club rules. This helps us to preserve the spirit of love, kindness, and sharing brought by founding members from the Burning Man.

Rooftop 69 is available for rent for private and special events, photo and film shootings.

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